Karunjhar Mountain: Pretty and Picturesque After Rain

Karunjhar Mountain: Pretty and Picturesque After Rain

Web Desk (July 29, 2017): Karonjhar is the only hill in the district Thar near Nagarparkar on the northern edge of the Rann of Kutch.

Karoonjhar Dam is being constructed to supply water to people of Nagarparkar area.


It consists of granite rocks, probably an outlying mass of the crystalline rocks of the Aravalli range.

This is a small area quite different from the desert.

The Aravalli series belongs to Archaen system which constitutes the oldest rocks of the Earth’s crust and Chinese clay.

The tract is flat and level except close to Nagarparkar itself.

The principal range, Karunjhar, is approximately 19 km in length and attains a height of 305 m.

Smaller hills rise in the east, which are covered with sparse jungle and pasturage and give rise to two perennial springs named Achleshwar and Sardharo as well as temporary streams called Bhetiani and Gordhro, after the rains.

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