Artificial Skin Gives Robotic Hand The Sense of Touch

Artificial Skin Gives Robotic Hand The Sense of Touch

Web Desk(September 14, 2017): Researchers  have developed artificial skin which gives a sense of touch to robotic hands.

It  is considered a breakthrough in stretchable electronics that can serve as an artificial skin, allowing robotic hands to sense the difference between hot and cold temperatures.

The researchers created the electronic skin and used it to demonstrate that a robotic hand could sense the temperature of hot and iced cold water in a cup.

The result was the skin was able to interpret the computer signals sent to the hand and reproduce the signals as American Sign Language.

“The robotic skin can translate the gesture to readable letters that a person like me can understand and read,” Yu said.

Researchers prepared the stretchable composite semiconductor using a silicon-based polymer called polydimethylsiloxane and tiny nanowires to make a solution, which hardened into a material that used the nanowires to transport electric current.

However the researchers suggesting it will “move forward the advancement of stretchable electronics for a wide range of applications, such as artificial skins, biomedical implants and surgical gloves.”

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