Dawn leaks report to be unveiled till Tuesday: Nisar

Dawn leaks report to be unveiled till Tuesday: Nisar

Interior minister Chaudhary Nisar vowed again that the Dawn leaks report would be unveiled till Tuesday citing the delay was due to panama case verdict.

“Dawn leaks report issuance was revoked due to Panamagate verdict but now it will be surfaced till Tuesday,” he said while addressing a press conference in Taxila.

Interior minister commenting on Panama paper case verdict said that judicial decision always based on law and constitution but not on the wishes.

” Two judges have difference of opinions but the decision to form a JIT was given by all five judges,” he said adding that there was no case on PM like Surrey Palace as petitioners did not have concrete evidence in this regard.

Ch Nisar, lashing out at PPP leadership, said” “the lecture on Sadiq and Amin by Asif Ali Zardari is the sign of doomsday.” He added that Panama case is different from Surrey Palace, Cotecna diamond necklace and 60 million dollars case.

He said opponents were frightened from PML-N performance and if judges understand to further investigate the case than it should be respected. He alleged opposition was politicizing the Panama case verdict and tried to set their own courts.

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