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Fraud revealed in Imran’s education institution Namal’s charity funds

According to British newspaper Metro, fraud has been revealed in charitable funds of Imran Khan’s educational institution Namal and there is money laundering of four million pounds in charitable funds, whereas according to newspaper’s claim, British Charity Commission is investigation of money laundering and offshore company built in Dubai from charity funds of Namal College.

In a report released in British newspaper, British Charity Commission has begun investigating three charity funds of Imran Khan. According to newspaper funds collected for education were sent to Dubai for offshore investment, while charity Commission has released Namal college funds details on its website.

According to newspaper, the funds were also sent for sisters of ImranKhan and there was money laundering in charity funds, while British institution is also investigating millions of pounds funds collection from British citizens for Namal Colege.

Namal College did not submit account details of 2012, for which British Charity Commission requested several times to Imran Khan, Tahir Nawaz, Sobia Zia and Naeem Khurram, while according to statement given to college trustee’s British Commission, the funds are present in Imran Khan’s sister Aleema Khan’s Dubai bank account.