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Imran terms corruption biggest problem of Pakistan

The Chairman Pakistan-e-Insaf /imran Khan reiterated that the corruption was the cause root all problems and after taking over the rule he would rooted out it so that county could be moved to development path.

Addressing to a public rally in Azad Kashmir, Bhambar, Imran Khan lashed out government and said that PM Nawaz Sharif should end Tota-mena tale as rulers plundering the nation wealth had made off shore companies but told lies in the parliament.

“If the leader of the country become corrupt than system turned corrupt and that caused the barricade in the way of the development of the country,” he claimed adding that change could not be turned into reality without the help of the masses.

He says “If the looted amount of dollar two hundred billion will have to be taken back the country will become loan free,” he said.

Criticizing JUI-f head Maulana Fazalur Rehman he said that he was the seller of conscience and calling him Maulana was the contempt of Islam.