Katzenberg Declares Weinstein a Monster

Katzenberg Declares Weinstein a Monster

Hollywood (October 18, 2017): Renowned film executive Jeffrey Katzenberg is the latest personality to speak out against fallen movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, branding him “a monster” but warning that he is not alone in sexually preying on Hollywood actresses.

“Make no mistake about it, he is a monster,” Katzenberg said about Weinstein. “The problem is there is a pack of wolves; he is not a lone actor in this. That is what we really need to find a way to deal with.”

More than two dozen actresses including marquee stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Mira Sorvino have come forward saying they were sexually harassed by the producer.”I am a hundred percent certain Harvey Weinstein was not alone in this,” said Katzenberg, who was chairman of Walt Disney Studios for a decade until 1994. He was even Weinstein´s boss for a while after Disney bought the Weinstein brothers´ Miramax production company in 1993.

“The casting couch has been around Hollywood from the beginning,” he said.

Katzenberg said he did “a lot of soul-searching” on how he could have missed clues that Weinstein abused his position and assaulted or harassed female actresses seeking roles in films.

“There are two Harveys,” Katzenberg said. “Somehow or other, this behavior was masked from me by him.”

He credited the courage of women who have spoken out, and said that “anyone in a leadership position in Hollywood today” is thinking about how to address the problem the situation has spotlighted.

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