Khawaja Asif declares Chairman PTI Rallu katta

Khawaja Asif declares Chairman PTI Rallu katta

ISLAMABAD: Defense minister Khawaja Asif has declared Imran Khan Rallu katta and phateechar, saying that PML-N won 2013 elections, then won its case in Tribunal and Supreme Court, while Asif declared Pakistan India talks over Indus Water Treaty a sign of goodwill.

While responding on Twitter after Supreme Court verdict, Defense Minister Khawaja Asif said that he won elections 2013, while Imran lost case in Election Tribunal and today Supreme Court also gave decision in his favor, adding that he is still batting, but it seems Imran Khan has become Rallu katta and phateechar.

It must be pertinent to mention that today Supreme Court has dismissed PTI’s petition filed regarding NA-110 and maintained the victory of Khawaja Asif.

Earlier, Khawaja Asif, while welcoming Pakistan India talks over Indus water treaty at Indus Commission level, said that the talks began due to efforts of government of Pakistan. He told that arbitrary court has already given verdict in favor of Pakistan over Kishan Ganga Dam, hence Pakistan is just waiting for the implementation from Indian side.

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