Naukot Fort Becomes Centre of Tourists’ Attraction

Naukot Fort Becomes Centre of Tourists’ Attraction

Mirpur Khas (August 01, 2017): Naukot Fort has become the centre of tourists attractions after the rains in Thar and families from different areas are heading to the historical fort.

Naukot Fort is a fortification that was established by Mir Karam Ali Khan Talpur in 1814. It is situated approximately 64 km in the south of Mirpur Khas town, Sindh. It is also called the “Gateway to Thar Desert.”

Talpurs belongs to the Balochi tribe who later settled in Sindh. The Talpurs dynasty encamped in northern Sindh, spoke the Sindhi language very fluently.

Talpurs are generally known to be as the founder of Sindh’s Unity. The ruling era of Talpurs in Sindh was from 1783 to 1843. Later, it was captured by the British East India Company commanded by General Charles James Napier.

On entering you’ll see the residential area, with rooms of the King/Mir and family. There are also barracks down here. On left is a big courtyard, with a 2-3 rooms scattered around.

The view from top is amazing and gives a wide view of the whole desert and the few houses around the fort. A Must see for fort-lovers.

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