Nepotism Blankets Sindh Culture Department

Nepotism Blankets Sindh Culture Department

By Imtiaz Chandio 

Karachi (September 8, 2017): The Sindh minister for Culture Syed Sardar Shah has created unusual vacancies to appoint his friend in the department  as he also got success to appoint his another friend Qasim Siraj as president of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) cultural wing .

According to details cultural minister is busy in appointment of his friends without fulfilling criteria. He has appointed his friend and bureaucrat Akbar Laghari as secretary of cultural and tourism department.According to sources minister did not stop nepotism in the department and created a vacancy of Tourist Consultant rather media consultant with salary of Rs more than two hundred thousand just award his friend.

Sources also revealed that minister is continuously appointing his close aides on important posts of the department and even some of them will go London on government exchequer.

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However, the minister for Culture Sardar Ali Shah turned down the allegations of nepotism and he did not appoint any friend as consultant.

He challenged, “The news is unfounded and  if anyone has the prove or notification must have to present before the media.” He also advised that the journalists have to follow sprite of profession.

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