PM will go ‘somewhere else’ rather to go home this time: Zardari claims

PM will go ‘somewhere else’ rather to go home this time: Zardari claims

Asif Ali Zardari assailing PM claimed that Nawaz Sharif will go ‘somewhere else’ other place rather to go home while Bilawal Bhutto said Panama case proved there were different laws in Pakistan for rich and general public.

Addressing to a public rally in Jhang, PPP co-chairman Asif Zardari said that nation and country were plundered but time has come to accountable responsible.

“We ousted Pervez Musharraf and now time to send Nawaz Sharif to back home ,” he said adding that ROs were the main element behind PPP defeat.

“We will unveil the fraud behind the 2013 polls,” Zardari said claiming that all provinces wanted to get rid of from PM.

The PPP co-chairman welcomed former federal minister Faisal Saleh Hayat into the PPP fold. “I welcome Faisal Saleh Hayat for rejoining his own family and hope that he will support us in reconquering the Punjab,” he said.

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto said, on the occasion, that Panama case verdict had proven that there were two laws and two Pakistan- one for Sharifs and one for poor people- and how one can hope just.

Criticizing proposed JIT, Bilawal said that how can one expect justice to the JIT having government’s favourite officers.

“We don’t want two laws, two Pakistan but want only one Pakistan and one law,” Bilawal said adding that PPP was struggling the Pakistan whereas the rich or poor should be dealt equally.



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