PSX 100-Index reaches new historic heights

PSX 100-Index reaches new historic heights

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) 100-index being continued on the rise and now reached new historic heights with 49371 points on Tuesday.

The increase of 500 points has jumped the PSX 100-Index to 49371 at one stage during the day trading. Experts say the news regarding government package of of Rs 180 billion for the export promotion has positive impact and market boom rapidly.

The foreign and local traders’ re-entry  in stock market after rest of two days and buying of shares of cement, textile, oil and gas and some other fields have caused the rapid upward trend of index while  the trading volume has recorded  purchasing of more than 502 million shares.

Experts the rapid jump in trade activities likely to push the 100-Index to historic figure of 50 thousands.

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