Some common laundry mistakes you are making

Some common laundry mistakes you are making

Across the world, a staggering 540 million items of decent clothing are chucked away unnecessarily every single year – because we’ve ruined them in the wash.

This adds up to 10 items of clothing each, totalling £147.60.

In reaction to Bosch’s shocking survey, Good Housekeeping’s laundry expert Richard Wilkinson is on hand with advice on how we’re all doing the washing wrong.

We throw away a huge £150 worth of decent clothes every year – because they have been ruined in the wash

Speaking exclusively to the Sun Online, he gave these top tips…

  1. Never use fabric softener on our towels, because it “makes them less absorbent”.
  2. Don’t wash polyester clothes on high temperatures, or you’ll never get the creases out.
  3. Only wash underwired bras on the ‘handwash’ programme.
  4. New clothes should only be washed with similar colours, to avoid running. We’re not just talking about darks and whites – you may need to run a whole ‘red wash’.
  5. Wash clothes inside out to avoid bobbling.

Richard added: “If clothing is becoming bobbled, try delectably removing bobbles using sticky-tape or, or carefully use a razor blade.” 6. Soak whites in bleach. Richard explained: “If the colour has run, for white items, first check whether it has a ‘do not bleach’ symbol.

“If it doesn’t, soak in a weak solution of household bleach for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and repeat as necessary.”

  1. Clean your washing machine every three months.

Richard added: “Run the washing machine on empty, using the hottest programme available, usually 90 degrees, and add a de-calcifying agent to the recommended dose of detergent.

“This will also help if your washing machine has become a tad smelly.”

  1. Use different detergents for different coloured and types of clothes.

Richard explained: “Biological powder is best for keeping whites white.

“Wash at 30C using a liquid detergent specifically for coloured clothes, but check the care labels first.

“Silk and wool should be washed in delicate, non-biological detergents.”


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