Mudarba Scandal: NAB reveals scam of Rs 30 billion

Mudarba Scandal: NAB reveals scam of Rs 30 billion

ISLAMABAD: Director General National Accountability Bureau General Subah Sadiq has revealed that the owners of the four companies were arrested in embezzlement of rupees 30 billion in Mudarba Scandal, however few of them escaped to abroad.

Addressing to a Press Conference he said that more than 13000 effectees of two companies  have submitted application against the involved in Mudaraba Scandal, who collected  30 billion rupees in the name of Mudaraba.

He further said that Mufti Ahsan had allegedly made a plan to buy gold and diamond mines in Thailand and for this purpose he had registered three companies and people were attracted in the name of Islamic schools and mosques to invest their amounts.

“ Fraudulently collected money was remitted to Tribal Areas by filling sacks.” He alleged.

On the occasion, the head of Inquiry Committee probing for NICL Scandal and Chairman NAB Zahir Shah said that the lawyer of Yousaf Raza Gilani has appeared before committee and he was handed over a questioner in this connection.

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