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Giriraj demands to enforce two-child norm for Muslims

The Indian Union Minister Giriraj Singh also demanded  to enforce law only for two-children after Sang Prevar in order to control Muslims population in India. he said that  India would be become another Pakistan, if population of Muslims did not control.

In addition Indian extremist has been considering risk for its existence due to  increase in Muslims population. A few years back,  Muslims population have increased during the census in India, but  Mulsims population were at low level as compared to minority population due to increasing in rates.

However despite reduction in Muslims population, Indian Sang Prevar peripheral organisations and other Hindu extremist groups demanded Government to curb the Muslims population and also to end their right to vote.

Now Indian minister for population welfare  has openly demanded that followers of all religions including Muslims should have control over population in India. And only two-child policy law should be introduced in the country, whereas  those who could not act upon the law, their right to vote ought to be abolished.