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Lahore: Govt Hospitals’ nurses again stage protest

After farmers in Lahore, nurses too have  camped on Mall road in order to accept their demands. As nurses  said that government did nothing except claims and now we have determined that we would not back without getting their rights. On the other hand, harsh argument happened between nurses and families of patients due to stuck of ambulance in traffic..

However, government hospitals’ nurses have again come on street with their long-standing demands while  nurses have camped on  Mall road in order to fulfill their demands in which services structure, pay scale up-gradation and to make permanent on jobs. Nurses leaders have made grievances that  health department did not pay attention towards nurses as they have performed most important responsibilities in hospitals but being neglected which was  above knowledge.

They further stated that  any excuse of  government in this regard  would be unacceptable and would give tough time to government, if our demands not approved  then  would close work in government hospital across Punjab. Due to protest on Mall road, traffic system has become paralysed as Ganga Ram hospital road, Davis road  and other relevant streets intense traffic has jammed.