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Turkish military coup overwhelmed, attempt to roll back democracy foiled

An attempt to derail democracy foiled whereas coup in Turkey overwhelmed as public strongly resisted and became a bunker before Tanks. The military removed to rebellion from airport and government buildings,  state TV broadcast restored, while several rebellion including commander arrested. Dozens of rebels surrendered the weapons before Police at Taksim Square. An emergency meeting of Turkish parliament has convened today as public celebrating jubilation whereas government’s control restored at Ataturk airport.

As few treacherous  Generals of military announced to roll  back the democracy and to enforce martial law late night in Turkey. All social contact websites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were restricted.

Military gunship copters opened fire and did explosion at Police Headquarters in Turkish capital Anakra, after which city echoed with lout explosion meanwhile, military rebels group besieged President House and Parliament.

All flights have cancelled at Ataturk airport and  airport was closed, while tanks were reached after closing airports across country. According to state media, military coup group said that country’s new Constitution soon to be prepared.

The news regarding to send elected democratic government to home was spread like fire of the jungle across country. Turkish President appealed from public in his message to private TV that they should come on street and an attempt to occupy power be made foiled,  therefore, after Turkish President appeal despite proclamation of curfew in country, a large number of public came on street  in cities including Taksim Square and Ankara late night and started chanting slogans in support of Turkish President and lied down before Tanks like a wall.

The public escorts of democracy did not care of shelling and firing being done from military tanks  and  had not care of  their martyred mates and injured, and compelled rebels group to back in their barracks after taking out from airport, state TV and buildings.

At last! strong resistance of public compelled   rebels to bow down despite baton charged and bullets, while  rebel commander Yurdakul Akkus was arrested including his several  troops. Dozens of rebels  have surrendered the weapons before police at Taksim Square.