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Lahore continues to be in grip of protests

Lahore has been in gripped of protests these days as Young Doctors and nurses  protest entered on fifth day while demonstration of Water Board Management employees of Punjab is continued on third day.

The Young Doctors and nurses protest on Mall road have paralyzed the road  and  the arteries around the road and citizens are facing immense difficulties in flow of traffic.

Meanwhile, employees of water board management are staging sit-in on third day on Seven Club road for their demands while their children are also participating the protest and they have demands that their fathers should be given permanent status.

The employees said that  they have been working in the department for many decades but they did’ not get permanent status.

On the other hand the Punjab department of schools  has decided to crack down against teachers union after they announced to launch “Save Education Campaign” and all teachers organization lists have been called from EDOs, those teachers and protestors will be suspended involved in boycott of classes and protest, sources said.