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Mischievous Squirrel Steal Campers’ Toilet Paper

Alberta(August 21, 2017): A mischievous squirrel raided a Canadian campsite in search of toilet paper.

Christa Lawrence was camping with her family at Upper Shunda Creek Campground, when the wily squirrel grabbed the end of a roll of toilet paper from the men’s outhouse and quickly began unraveling it.

“My dad saw him first and started laughing, completely uncontrollably. And I just looked over and there he was, pulling the roll out from under the door – pulling and pulling and pulling,” she¬†told.

Lawrence said the squirrel returned to the campground about a dozen times to collect more toilet paper, moving to the women’s outhouse after it had exhausted the supply at the men’s.

Lawrence and her family were thoroughly amused by the squirrel’s antics, as they speculated how many rolls of toilet paper it managed to nab before they arrived.

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