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Afghan Deputy Governor ‘Abducted’ from Peshawar

Peshawar (October 28, 2017):Unidentified gunmen abducted Muhammad Nabi Ahmadi, the deputy governor of Afghanistan’s Kunar province, in Dabgari area of Peshawar on Friday.

According to the details, an Afghan Province Kunar’s Deputy Governor, Muhammad Nabi Ahmadi, was “abducted” from Peshawar on Friday, Afghan Consul General Moin Mrastyal said on Saturday, though Pakistani law enforcement agencies said they had no information on the incident.

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According to the Afghan diplomat, Ahmadi, the deputy governor of Afghanistan’s Kunar province, was abducted from Peshawar’s Dabgar area. He had been in Peshawar for treatment of a medical ailment.His abduction had first been reported by an Afghan news agency and confirmed by the Afghan consul general on Saturday. The envoy said he had been approached by Ahmadi’s family with news of his abduction.

However, no confirmation of the incident has been received from Pakistani security forces.

Last year, former Afghan governor Sayed Fazlullah Wahidi was rescued in Mardan, two weeks after he was abducted in Islamabad.

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