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Australian Businessman Wears High-Heels To Work

Web-Desk (March 13, 2018): Ashley Maxwell-Lam, a project manager for a major bank in Sydney, Australia, has been wearing six-inch stilettos to work for about a year and claims they make him feel empowered.

He ditched his brogues for six inch Stilettos to go to work in. The action was prompted after his female colleague told him that stilettos made her feel powerful.A project manager at a leading bank, Maxwell is a proud owner of nine pair of stilettos, five for party nights and four for formal work wear.

Maxwell shared, ”I’ve never felt more empowered than when putting on a pair of stilettos and walking through a marble lobby.”Further sharing his preferences, he said he loves the contrast between masculinity and femininity which makes people ‘question things’.

Ashley seems to get a lot of negative comments but he insists that he is thick-skinned.

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