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6 people lost their lives in a traffic accident on the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway near Kallar Kahar.

ISLAMABAD: On the Islamabad – Lahore motorway near Kallar Kahar a gas bowser collided with vehicle and fell into a ditch resulting 6 people were killed.  

The spokesperson of the highway patrol said that the victims died on the spot in the aftermath of the unfortunate accident, adding that preliminary information suggest that the incident took place because of the brakes failure.

The police also added that the gas bowser had breached the road divider and collided with a vehicle coming from an opposite direction, forcing both of them to fall into the ditch.

After the collision, the fire erupted and engulfed both vehicles. The bowser was on its way to Faisalabad from Rawalpindi at Motorway M2.

Upon receiving information about the accident, rescue teams arrived at the scene and transferred the bodies to a nearby hospital.

The accident spot, known for its dangerous curves and steep slopes, has been the site of numerous fatal accidents in the past