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AI tool introduced for copy rights issues of music on you-tube

Web Desk: YouTube has introduced an updated version of its “Erase Song” tool, enabling creators to remove copyrighted music from their videos while preserving other audio.

Announced earlier this week and now being rolled out, the tool utilizes AI to extract songs without affecting dialogue or other sounds.

According to 9 to 5 Google website, previously available in beta, the improved tool addresses performance issues noted by users.

As YouTube explained, the feature allows creators to either remove the claimed song while keeping other sounds or mute all audio in the affected sections.

This option appears on videos with copyright claims related solely to audio.

Despite its capabilities, YouTube acknowledges that the tool might not be effective in all cases, particularly if the song is difficult to isolate.

In such instances, creators are advised to use other editing options like muting all sound or trimming the claimed segments.

Additionally, the tool may not function for videos with over 100,000 views, and processing times can vary.

The enhanced “Erase Song” tool is set to be available on YouTube Studio for both desktop and mobile devices in the coming weeks.