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Abb Takk acquires JIT report of Saeed Bharam

Abb Tabb has acquired the JIT report of Saeed Bharam who was arrested in Dubai. JIT report reveals that 34 workers of the MQM are trained by Indian intelligence agency RAW.

Saeed Bharam has revealed that 13 target killers have fled the country during the operation and money was paid to Amirul Ibad over illegal paint house in Bahadurabad. He also revealed that secret codes were used for target killings in Karachi- Kalashinkov was called computer; pistol was called pensil; arms and explosives were called channa while rocket launcher was called pipe in code wording.

The arrested suspect further revealed that target killers are hiding in Dubai, South Africa, amd Malaysia and that Anees Qaimkhani had given the task to target Zulfiqar Mirza, Afaq Ahmad, and Shahi Syed. He has also coughed out nine MQM leaders involved in encroachment mafia.