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Abbtakk News acquires investigation report of accused in bank robberies

Abbtakk News has acquired investigation report of a accused involved in bank robberies and in child abduction cases and police has already his four accomplice.

The interrogation report said that accused Saeed Khan was embroidery worker in a factory situated in Korangi and along with he also robbed of banks.

Accused has earlier been arrested in 2009 in allegations of robbery along with his friend Danish and he was sent to jail and released from Central jail.

The accused revealed that he abducted a child from Baldiya Town along with his three accomplices namely Ghafar Baldiya Wala, Amir and Rana Khalid.

Saeed also robbed of a bank and looted 2.4 millions on 24 commercial street in DHA. The accused also carried out robber in P.E.C.H. S back in 2013 and looted around 0.8 million rupees.

The accused has run away after a bank robbery in Bahadurbad and around 1.4 million rupees looted in the robbery.