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Accused Confesses Raped, Murdered Mardans’ Asma

Mardan(February 17, 2018): An Accused of raping and murdering of Mardan’s four-year-old girl has confessed his crime before the court.

According to the details, accused M. Nabi has confessed that he raped and murdered Asma in the field.

In his confessional statement, he said that he was at a shop in his locality when Asma came and asked for sugarcane on which he took her to the field and killed after sexual assault.

On February 06, A DNA sample from one of the suspects has been found to match the remains collected from the body of Asma, that was the latest development in the ongoing investigation into the rape and murder of the minor girl in Mardan.

According to sources privy to the matter, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government had sent DNA samples of 145 suspects to the Punjab Forensic Science Laboratory for DNA testing.

“The family of the deceased told media that they found the body from the field, police came a day later,” the provincial law minister said. “KPK IG tried to dilute the case, the police cordoned their home so that the family cant speak to anyone. No action has been taken against even the constable of the locality for the negligence.”

Asma was reported missing from the Gujjar Garhi area in Mardan on January 13 and recovered dead the next day from the nearby sugarcane fields.

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