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Ameer Maqam to approach NAB, court against KPK govt

Adviser to Prime Minister Ameer Maqm has said that KPK government is using government resources for its personal business and politics, against which he will file reference in NAB including court.

AbbTakk News, when unveiled the use of CM KPK’s helicopter in election campaign, then PML-N leader Ameer Maqam addressed a press conference, during which he strongly criticized Captain including CM KPK, saying that PTI government is using public resources for its personal business and election campaign, against which he will approach court including NAB.

Ameer Maqam said that KPK government has turned government helicopter in rickshaw, whoever wants to bring that helicopter, can get that, while PTI’s government has made Kohistan a district for political bribe. Imran Khan’s bail will not be approved in Election 2018, for which the way is being paved.

PM’s adviser Ameer Maqam said that Chairman PTI’s slogan for ‘change’ is for others only, but everything is good for his own ministry.