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ATC Summons Former President Musharraf On May 2

ISLAMABAD: Former President Parvez Musharraf on Thursday has been summoned by the Anti-Terrorism Court on May 2 after his refusal to record his statement on ‘Skype’ in ongoing proceedings pertaining to the treason charges.

As per details, Parvez Musharraf lawyer appeared before the court in the hearing of a case pertaining to the treason charges on the former president.

During the hearing, the Musharraf’s lawyer told the court that his client was neither an absconder as he was sent abroad by the government itself.

How can an accused return to the country when the government sent him abroad itself? The lawyer questioned.

To this, Justice Tahira Safdar in its remarks said that do not mislead the court we will note down your arguments.

Another Judge from the bench Justice Nazar Akbar questioned the Musharraf’s lawyer about recording statement on ‘Skype’. The Musharraf’s Lawyer opposed the idea of the court to record the statement of the former president on ‘Skype’.

The Musharraf’s lawyer then filed another petition which opposed the idea of proceeding the court in the absence of the accused.

At this, the court in its remarks said that how can we proceed the hearing in the absence of the petitioner and summoned the former president on May 2nd.

The court then adjourned the hearing.