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Awkward Moment Between Trump Welcoming Czech Republic PM To White House Goes viral

WASHINGTON: It’s not just the Paul Manafort case that has Twitter talking.

First Lady Melania Trump and President Trump welcomed Czech Republic Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and his wife Monika Babišova to the White House.

The two leaders met at the Oval Office to discuss the United States’ relationship with the European country and issues relating to foreign policy and security.

However, it was the first few seconds of the Trumps meeting the foreign dignitary and his wife that’s seemingly set Twitter ablaze. On a chilly Washington, DC day, Babiš and Babišova arrived at the White House, exiting their SUV to be greeted by the first couple.

However, President Trump quickly turned around and walked swiftly back inside with Babiš, leaving their two wives so confused that they simply shrugged at one another and followed suit.

The awkward moment was captured on camera. And of course, Twitter was both amused and horrified at the same time.

That was too funny. I guess they were supposed to collectively stand together and wave for the media. Did you notice Mrs. Babisova’s shoulder shrug after Melania changed her position,” said one Twitter user. “The first ladies treated like second class companion. Nothing new from Donald Trump,” complained another.