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Bollywood Actor Amol Palekar Lashes Modi Govt

MUMBAI: Bollywood actor Amol Palekar lashed Modi government and opened up about the critical condition of ‘freedom of speech’ in India.

Amol compared the government of Indira Gandhi with Modi and straight away said that ‘I had many problems with Indira Gandhi’s government but never got a tittle of Traitor,’

Veteran actor said, ‘If any one expresses their views, they are held with the title of Traitor.’

According to the actor, the whole country is under a siege of censorship and there is a ban on freedom of speech.

He further said that one of his stage play ‘Qasur’ was staged in Delhi without any restriction but there is a very strict censorship in Gujrat and Mahrashtra.

Amol Palekar left a question for masses that ‘What kind of justice is this? Where talking against the government policies will make you a traitor.’