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Brawl between MQM and PPP members, House changed into battlefield

KARACHI: MQM and PPP members entangled with each other during today’s Sindh Assembly session, while the members also pushed each other, after which the session has been adjourned until tomorrow morning.

According to details, PPP member of Sindh Assembly, Shamim Mumtaz, during her speech, criticized MQM chief, on which MQM Assembly members rash and started to speak loud, on which PPP members also stood on their seats and exchanged hard words. Meanwhile, Murad Ali Shah and Khawaja Izhar-ul-Hassan also exchanged hard words, but suddenly MQM member Azeem Farooqui and PPP member Mukesh Chawla entangled with each other, after which members gathered from both sides and suddenly someone’s hand struck Jam Khan Shoro. The brawl started and the Assembly turned into battlefield.

The fight continued for a long time, while MQM leader Khawaja Izharul Hassan and other members tried to stop the fight and to cool down the matter, but all their efforts went in vain, hence Speaker adjourned the session until tomorrow morning.