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Chiragh Baloch: A Chiragh for Underestimated Balochis

Chiragh Baloch, a rising digital entrepreneur hailing from Balochistan, Pakistan is quickly defeating every obstacle in his way to achieve everything he wants. He completed his masters in Information Technology from peoples’ friendship university of Russia. He is the founder of many startups. VshGap, BalochHost and BalochTech are among them.

VshGap is a messenger that works like your usual messenger, with one surprise advantage, you don’t need a number to register. The app has already 50 thousand plus downloads with 600 plus positive reviews.

Baloch Host is Chiragh’s another project that provides web-services namely, web-designs,mobile applications and logo designs for customers. He along with his team at Baloch Host, created Balochi community styled stickers for WhatsApp, giving them the opportunity to represent themselves on the global platform. He also got selected and was offered a scholarship in Facebook developer conference for the third time.

His most prized possession is BalochTech, an organization that serves as a platform for young students to showcase their tech talents, and helps them with counsel and mentoring to further their dreams in tech industry. He organized BalochTech Vision in 2017, targeting students to pursue their dreams of IT related professions.

He is also a Youtuber, initially what started as making vine videos for fun, quickly turned into a passion.He is a vlogger, and has his own show “The Chiragh Baloch Show” that features on his YouTube channel. In his show, he showcases different Balochi (people who are from Balochistan) actors, singers, poets and artists. He provides them with a platform that others will not. When he is not hosting his show, he is busy making music. His music is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Spotify,and iHeartRadio.

His dedication towards different fields is really inspiring. It shows us that if you love to do different things, pursue each one of them like it is your job. He is an inspiration for his Balochi community, and a role model for many. Anita Jalil Baloch, Gwadar’s first female vlogger shares her views about and says that ‘He serves as a chiragh for us, by letting us know that if you want to achieve something, you can, no matter the circumstances. He led the example by achieving all of this, while belonging from Balochistan.’

He also loves to act, as demonstrated by his vine videos. He is also rumored to be in talks with a director and we might see him in a Bollywood movie.

Blog by Muhammad Basil Khan