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Chitrangda Gets Emotional About Irrfan Khan

Web Desk(March 14, 2018): Getting teary-eyed Chitrangda turned emotional on how there are too many bad news this year which makes us think about what are we running after.

She added that it really makes one stop and give a thought to what actually is important in our lives and to also value every little thing. She ended saying that these incidents are quite despairing as be it Sridevi’s death or even this chat about Irrfan, it does affect everyone.Irrfan Khan’s health has left many of his friends and fans worried and anxious.When his ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’ co-star Chitrangda Singh was recently enquired about the same, she called it unfortunate and wished him all the best and added that she really hopes that it’s far less than what all are thinking and hopes he gets well really soon.

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