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CJP Saqib Nisar Comments on Asia Bibi Case Verdict

Islamabad (November 01, 2018): Commenting on the situation that has arisen after the Supreme Court’s ruling in Asia Bibi case, Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar on Thursday said how can the court punish someone in the absence of proofs.

The remarks came during the hearing of case pertaining to appointment of Islamabad Police Inspector General.

“We can sacrifice our lives for the sanctity of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him),” he said.

He said nobody can tolerate blasphemy of the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) and”We are ready to sacrifice our lives for him. But, how can we punish someone when there is no ground to build a case against them”.

The chief justice said “nobody is less devout than others.We are not only the judges of Muslims.“Several judges on the bench keep reciting Darood Sharif,” he said.

Referring to the written judgment, he said the verdict in Asia case was started with Kalma and Islam was discussed in detail.

“Our faith is not complete without believing in the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). We have known Allah through the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him).

During the hearing, the CJ asked the government to fulfill its responsibility to maintain law and order situation following the directions of the prime minister.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has convened an emergency federal cabinet meeting for today (Thursday).

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As informed by sources, the meeting will be aimed at discussing the country’s current political and economic situation. The cabinet will also be given a briefing over PM Imran’s China visit.

Tensions have gripped major parts of the country owing to the ongoing crisis after a Supreme Court ruling overturning Asia Bibi’s death penalty led to protests from religious hardliners. Roads have been blocked and educational institutes have been closed due to the protests.Earlier on Wednesday night (October 31) Prime Minister Imran Khan appealed Nation on Wednesday to remain peaceful and warned protesters that state will establish its writ if they don’t call off their protests.

Addressing the Nation, PM Imran said that the despicable language used by a small section of the society against the army, judiciary and the government is deplorable.

“Such language is used by enemies of the state,”

PM said that Supreme court’s decision regarding Asia Bibi is as per the constitution.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan, in a televised address to the nation, fully backed the judges in Asia Bibi case, in which they acquitted the Christian woman of all blasphemy charges against her and ordered her immediate release.

“I’m here only because a Supreme Court verdict was announced today and the way a small section reacted to it and the language that they used…I’m forced to address you,” Khan said.

“The decision of the judges is according to the constitution and Pakistan’s constitution is according to the teachings of Islam.”

He said that Pakistan is the only country, which was made in the name of Islam.He warned that state will establish its writ if groups protesting the Supreme Court’s verdict on Asia Bibi don’t call off their protests.

“Those who are inciting people to violence for their political objectives should be rejected. I appeal to you not to start confrontation with the state.”

“Don’t cause any harm to this country for your politics and vote. If you do this, rest assured state will perform its responsibility of life and property of the people,” the prime minister said.He lamented that a small section took the streets after the verdict and used foul language and incited general to revolt against the army chief and judges.

He said Pakistan is the only country after Medina to be established in the name of Islam.

“The verdict given by the judges was according to the Constitution of Pakistan which was made in line with the Sharia.”

“I have said this time and again that Pakistan will become a great nation in accordance with the principles of the state of Medinah. It’s part of my belief that we will transform Pakistan into an Islamic welfare state.”“We have practically done something which no government has ever done. When the Dutch parliamentarian committed blasphemy, Pakistan was the first country to raise the matter and force them to withdraw the caricature competition.

“We also raised the issue at the OIC. And as a result, the EU court of human rights ruled that committing blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad can not be conceived as freedom of expression.”

“Who can run the government like this? Who can survive such crisis. We are already facing a financial crisis. We have been trying hard to pull the country out of crises,” he said.

Earlier, the Supreme Court on Wednesday acquitted Asia Bibi, a Christian woman sentenced to death over blasphemy allegations. The verdict on her final appeal against her execution was reserved by a special three-member bench on October 8.After the decision, protests took place across Pakistan against the acquittal.

Allegations against Bibi
The allegations against Bibi date back to June 2009, when she was labouring in a field and a row broke out with some Muslim women who alleged that she committed blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Bibi was convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to death in 2010, despite her advocates maintaining her innocence and insisting the accusers held grudges against her.

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