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Day Turned into Night After Century-long Period in US

Washington(August 21, 2017): Millions of Americans converged on a narrow corridor stretching from Oregon to South Carolina to watch the moon blot out the midday sun Monday for a wondrous couple of minutes in the first total solar eclipse to sweep coast to coast in 99 years.

The sunny day suddenly started turning into dark and within seconds several Us states witnessed night in the day. Millions of people wearing special glasses, distributed by NASA free of cost, thronged to the science and space museum to enjoyed the historic moments and most of them captured them in their cameras.

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And as the sun reemerged from behind the moon, it created a “diamond ring” effect.

Veteran eclipse watchers warned the uninitiated to get ready to be blown away.

Planetariums and museums posted “sold out of eclipse glasses” on their front doors. Signs along highways reminded motorists of “Solar Eclipse Monday,” while cars bore the message “Eclipse or bust.”

With 200 million people within a day’s drive of the path of totality, towns and parks braced for monumental crowds.

It’s expected to be the most observed, most studied and most photographed eclipse ever. Not to mention the most festive, what with all the parties.

A total solar eclipse is when the moon moves between the sun and Earth, an occurrence that lasts up to three hours from beginning to end. Monday’s total solar eclipse is particularly rare because it’s the first time in 99 years that the path of totality exclusively crosses the continental United States from coast to coast. It’s also the first continent-wide eclipse to be visible only from the United States since 1776.

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