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Defense Ministry Files Review Petition Against SC Verdict On Faizabad Sit-in Case

ISLAMABAD: Defense ministry has filed a review petition against Supreme Court verdict on the Faizabad sit-in case viewing that the highest court decision negatively affected courage of armed forces.

It is viewed in the review petition that the judicial verdict raised an impression that Pakistan armed forces were violating their oath while it was stated without any solid proof.

The petition categorically said that armed forces chief directed to take departmental action against unknown persons in the light of the court verdict while Intelligence Bureau, Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI), police and defense ministry submitted several responses into the court regarding the Faizabad verdict.

“Allegations on the armed forces and ISI in the court verdict are totally baseless while the orders given to armed forces are also vague and unclear as the verdict did not provide any evidence and proof of any person of armed forces involvement in the sit-in,” it argued.

The petition insisted that observation given against the armed forces and the ISI be clipped from the SC judgment while the SC observation was solely based on newspapers and assumptions.

The SC verdict also gives an impression that the armed forces also involved in banning media and the general elections held in 2018 while armed forces were called for security arrangements for ensuring free and fair elections. During the general elections, military personnel had to report to wrongdoings to the presiding officer and duty officer of armed forces had authority to take immediate action and DG Inter-Service Public Relations (ISPR) gave his statement in this regard. Armed forces provided their services for the protective environment and overseeing wrongdoings in the general elections held in 2018.

It was also argued that enemies and foreign forces have been accusing Pakistan army of facilitating extremists in the region and, therefore, the court verdict as a whole benefitting false narrative regarding army assisting extremists adding that if the SC judgment is not reviewed then India will get the opportunity for false propaganda against Pakistan.

The petition also mentioned that the Faizabad sit-in and Asghar Khan case have major difference while no evidence and proofs were provided regarding any person belonging to armed forces involvement in the Faizabad sit-in and for other allegations.

It was also stated in the review petition that no notices served to armed forces before announcing the judgment.