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Dr. Asim levels serious allegation on Ovais Muzaffar in video statement

KARACHI: Detained Former Adviser to Petroleum Ministry, Dr. Asim Hussain’s video statement has been surfaced, in which he made several revelations, saying that Ovais Muzaffar was involved in every kind of corruption, adding that he was CM despite not being CM.

Former Adviser to Petroleum Minister Dr. Asim Hussain’s first revealing video statement has been surfaced, in which he accused that Sindh Assembly member Ovais Muzaffar remained involved in all kinds of corruption and he was also involved in corruption for medicine purchase. He said that Ovais Muzaffar purchased vaccine costing 600 rupees at the price of 1000 rupees, while he always aware Former President Asif Ali Zardari about corruption of Ovais and requested to take notice, on which Muzaffar threatened him to inject such injection which he will remember for his whole life.

In his short video statement, Dr. Asim said that Ovais Muzaffar had been involved in land corruption as well and wherever there are matters of corruption related to land, Ovais Muzaffar was already involved there.