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Emergency declared in New Delhi on severe smog

NEW DELHI: The Indian government has declared emergency in New Delhi over severe air pollution and smog.

The Delhi government is also mulling over artificial rains in the capital to bring down the level of pollution.

The government has also ordered closures of schools for three days, following six days of heavy smog and concentrations of harmful particles so high they cannot be measured by most air quality instruments.

The Delhi government has announced a five-day ban on construction and demolition.

A coal-fired power station in Badarpur, south-east Delhi, will stop operating for 10 days, along with diesel generators in the city.

Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal has called on neighbouring states to enforce laws against burning agricultural waste. Around this time each year, hundreds of thousands of farmers in Haryana and Punjab set their fields on fire to dispose of crop remnants, sending smoke billowing across India’s northern plains.

The Delhi government is preparing to reintroduce a temporary scheme to only allow cars to drive on odd or even days depending on the last digit of their registration numbers.