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New Delhi: 1500 Indian scholars declare ISIS activities un-Islamic

NEW DELHI: 1500 Indian scholars have declared ISIS activities un-Islamic, while ‘Shahi Imam’ and other scholars have also condemned the killing of innocent citizens in the signed ‘Fatwa’.

According to Indian media, 1500 scholars, muftis and Imams in India has sent a letter to United Nation, stating that ISIS chief Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi and Islamic State Organization activities were against Islamic thought and Islamic scholars expressed condemnation against ISIS in their letter.

Islamic Scholars of India has demanded United Nations to take action against ISIS in the light of their Fatwa and take measures for global peace. Ulama stated in their Fatwa that Islama does not allow to kill innocents. Burning people, beheading them, sharing their pictures and videos on internet were against Islamic teachings.