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Sharjah: England, Pakistan to play last T20 match today

SHARJAH: England and Pakistan to play their third and last T20 match today in Sharjah, while England has a decisive lead of 2-0 in the series, whereas Pakistan needed victory to maintain its position on sixth position and to save itself from clean-sweep.

Pakistan and England to face each other in third and last T20 International match today in Sharjah. Both teams have arrived in Sharjah. National team will try to remove its faults during practice today. Shahid Afridi XI has reached on fourth position from second position after losing two matches. England has advanced to sixth from 8th position. England can secure fourth position after defeating Pakistan in the last match, after which Pakistan could be ranked at sixth position.

Pakistani team’s decline in ranking due to defeat will be disappointing before World T20. Coaches wanted to save team for further decline after removing mistakes of last two matches. Bowling coach Mushtaq Ahmed said that Pakistani players fielding and fitness standard is lower than other teams.