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 Military courts don’t mean hanging anyone, everyone: Nisar

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar has said that less than 10 percent seminaries are involved in terrorism. Speaking at National Assembly session Nisar said that those who are not involved in terrorism should have no reason to fear. Government would send every single case to the military courts after investigation, he added.

Military courts should not taken to be meant hanging of anyone or everyone, he said adding that army is the protector of Constitution and the law. Military courts  are for extraordinary circumstances and for a limited time and they are not for ordinary citizens.

He informed the House that explosives recovered in Miran Shah was enough to carry out explosions for 15 years. In democratic countries establishment of military courts is an unusual measure, they are established during times of war and in Pakistan every single children is at war, he added.

Nisar further said that it was hard to imagine a few years ago that there would be legislation over military courts. We have reached here because of unusual circumstances in the country, he added.