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1.6m Kashmiri children deprived of education

SRINAGAR: The Indian occupation forces’ atrocities against the innocent Kashmiris are continued unabated and over 1.6 million Kashmiri children have been deprived of education, as the occupation forces have vacated scores of schools  to establish military’s base camps.

The occupation forces, besides waging economic terrorism against the Kashmiris, are also depriving their children of education as during last few weeks over 25 schools in the valleys have been set on fire. The Army has also forecefully evicted score of schools to set up base camps there.

Local people while strongly condemning the incident of setting schools’ on fire have said that the puppet administration was behind the incidents.

On the other hand, Human Rights Watch has demanded of the Indian government to restore educational/academic activities in the valley.

A spokesperson of the HRW has also demanded of the Indian government to rectify Safe School Declaration.