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102-Yr-Old Great-Granny Becomes ‘Oldest’ Skydiver

Web Desk (December 13, 2018): A 102-year-old great-grandmother is believed to have become the world’s oldest skydiver after plunging 14,000 feet (4,300 metres) through the South Australian sky.

Centenarian adrenaline junkie Irene O´Shea said she “felt normal” after a 220 kilometre per hour (140 mph) dive that sent her cheeks flapping wildly.She completed her first skydive to mark her 100th birthday in 2016, but organisers claimed it was Sunday´s successful tandem dive at the age of 102 years and 194 days that earned her a place in the history books.

“It was very clear up there, and the weather was good but it was very cold,” said O´Shea, according to Australian media.

O´Shea took the plunge to raise funds for a motor neurone disease charity, after her daughter died from the illness.

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