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105 Years Old Woman Shares Her Secret Of Long Life

Web Desk(September 14, 2018): People who have crossed the average human lifespan are often asked the secret to their long lives.  And every time 105-year-old Brenda Osborne has to answer that question, she shocks everyone.

Hailing from Nottingham, Brenda is a retired nurse who says that avoiding men and getting a lot of fresh air has helped her live so long, reported Metro News.

Brenda was born in 1913 – the same year that 439 miners died in the Senghenydd Disaster. She spent most of her life – 93 years – in her childhood house before moving into a nursing home.“I would put my good health down to hard work and avoiding men,” explained Brenda. “I loved celebrating my birthday although I was disappointed that the Queen didn’t come. I received my letter from her but I thought an appearance was the least she could do.”

The retired nurse started working at Victoria Hospital in 1940, where she would take care of Dunkirk veterans until 1953 when she became a senior herself. Brenda also received an award for taking only a single day sick leave in her 33-year-long career. Her great-grandniece, Maria Pollard shared that she wasn’t shocked when she found out that the secret was steering clear of men. She said, “My aunt has been living for over a century and it’s no surprise to me as she’s always been fiercely independent. She only moved into the care home last year and jokes her secret to long life is avoiding men as they aren’t worth the hassle.”

Brenda has witnessed the two World Wars, the crowning of three monarchs and England’s win in the 1966 FIFA world cup.

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