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10th Tehzeeb Festival To Start In Karachi Today

Karachi (December 14, 2018): The 10th Tehzeeb Festival will commence today and bring together classical and folk singers from Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.

The three-day festival will be held at the Arts Council of Pakistan and celebrate classical, semi-classical, ghazal and folk music of the region.

Artists and singers will entertain the audiences with various classical forms and other genres.From India, Ustad Raza Ali Khan will be performing at the festival, while Wali Fateh Ali Khan from Afghanistan is expected to enthrall the audience with his singing of Persian ‘ghazals’.

The festival also includes “Halaat-e-Ghair Haazira”, an imaginary conversation between famed Urdu poet Jaun Elia and veteran TV personality and playwright Anwar Maqsood.