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119th birth anniversary of Liaquat Ali Khan being observed today

LAHORE: Liaquat Ali Khan was one of the founding fathers of Pakistan who served as the first Prime Minister of the state with an additive responsibility of a Defence Minister.

Born in Karnal‚ East Punjab‚ Khan Liaquat Ali Khan was educated at the Aligarh Muslim University in India‚ and then the Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

He promoted parliamentarianism in India. Refusing to join the Congress party he instead preferred to join Muslim league that was led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah who was combating the injustice and ill-treatment being served to the Muslims of India by the British.

He promoted the cause of Jinnah and served as the Finance minister for the interim government of the British Empire that was formulated before the division of the Sub-continent.

He remained shoulder to shoulder in Jinnah struggle for an independent state.

His struggle secured him the honour of being Pakistan’s first prime minister. His foreign policy sided with the United and the west.

Liaquat Ali Khan’s government witnessed a hitch in his government when the leftist and communist brackets created uproar but his government survived the coup.

After the death of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, his power and influence grew further. He was the one who propagated the Objectives Resolution that served as the basis for the state’s constitution.

He was assassinated by a hired assassin during a political rally in Islamabad in 1951.

Liaquat Ali was the longest serving prime minister who spent 1,524 days in power.