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12 Indian troops injured in army camp blast

In one of Indian military camp of Pulwama  sector of Occupied-Kashmir, 12 Indian army were targeted for its own bomb.  Beside this, Indian troops secrete also revealed for getting poor training.

In addition,being violated  over Kashmiri  incompetent Indian troops were targeted for its bomb. The worst result of Indian troops training came in this condition when Indain troops targeted for its bomb. As a result of blast 12 troops wounded in which six is said to be critical.

Indian officials has said that the investigation regarding blast has been started by observing the incident place.  Now,  It has to see that Indian military officials to cover up their own ineptness regarding  bomb blast and  being  injured personnel to whom be held responsible for this act.

Moreover, several questions marks have been put  on Indian training  having blast in military camp. Those army could not handle a small bomb, if  it took atom bomb on his hand, consider what would be happened.