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12-year-old legless Chinese Girl inspires Millions

Beijing (May 20, 2107): A 12-year-old legless Chinese girl has inspired millions of people after she refused to give up her dancing dream. Jiang Zhang Ziyi has become a star dance at this age, the Daily Mail reported.

When there is a will, there is way. Strong-willed Jiang had lost both her legs in a road accident in 2010 when she was six.

Three years later, Jiang, has learnt to dance since 2013 and wishes to become a ballet dancer. She has won a local talent show the same year and performed on a national programme.

Despite all this, Jiang managed to fight against all the odds and become the ballet dancer she has always wanted to be.

Jiang, who is in her sixth grade at present, says her parents supported her wholeheartedly. They sent her to a ballet school to learn proper positions and moves.

The girl’s dream of becoming a ballet dancer has never changed despite the tragic life event.

She has encouraged other physically challenged people to stay strong and live happily in their life.

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