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Govt completes Hajj preparations for year 2016

Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Yousuf has said that government has completed all preparations regarding this year’s 2016 Hajj.The minister said that this year as many as one lakh 86 thousand people will perform Hajj this year.

Sardar Yousuf addressing a presser in Purana Haji Camp area of Karachi, said that tracking system is being introduced to track pilgrims  adding that men including women will show Pakistani flags on their chest.  The minister suggested women to have at least two burqas.

Sardar Yousuf said that Pakistani Hajj quota has not been increased for four years and expressed hope that the quota be increased to two lakhs in the next year.

According to the minister, draw will be held on April 29 and later lucky persons list will be generated followed by training in Hajj camps. He said that deprived persons money will be returned from April 30.

The minister said that more measures have been taken for Hujaj this year from previous year.