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Pak-China friendship painting exhibition held in Lahore

Pakistan-China friendship exhibition was held in Lahore and it was attended by large numbers of art lover’s student and people including Chinese Consul General.

The participants appreciated student’s paintings which highlighted the Pak-China friendship.

The painting exhibition was held in Al-Hamra Art Gallery and it was attended by large numbers of people belonging to different strata of the society including Commissioner Lahore Abdullah Sunbul, Chinese Consul General Yu Boran.

The executive director Lahore Art Council cap (retd) Atta Muhammad Khan at the occasion said that Pak-China friendship higher than the height of Himalaya and the deepest like sea adding that the friendship is highlighted through paintings.

The Chinese Consul General Yu Boran cut cake in the happiness on completion of 66 years of Pak-China friendship and expressed best wishes and vowed that the friendship will last forever.