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Tribunal declares election on PS 22 null and void, orders by polls

KARACHI: Justice retired Zafar Ahmed Khan Sherwani has declared the election on PS 22 null and void and ordered to hold polls again.

Pakistan People’s Party’s Dr. Abdul Sattar Rajpar and Arif Mustafa Jatio have contested the election on this constituency during the last general elections.

After the first count of votes, PPP’s Dr. Rajpar was declared as winner, however after the second count Arif Mustafa Jatio was declared winner from 17 votes.

Dr. Abdul Sattar had filed constitutional petition against the decision.

Election tribunal has written in its decision that although Arif Jatio had won the elections from his contenders by 17 votes but tribunal is unable to get result of one polling station of the PS 22.

It said further that the particular polling station had 109 votes, which could change the election result.

Written decision said that on the basis of doubt, Arif Mustafa Jatio can not be declared winner.

Tribunal declared the poll result null and void and ordered to hold by polls in PS 22.